Monday, 7 January 2013

7/1 - Beauty in Thirds

Jumper - ; Jeans - Urban Outfitters ; Shoes - Billabongstore

Hey everyone!
First off, I'm sorry for being absent for so long again, but whoever follows my Twitter (coughcough) would know that I have done stuff for this blog.. love when that thing is shopping in the sales.
Anyways, I have ordered this jumper quite a while ago and it arrived about 10 days ago but I couldn't blog it because I didn't own these beautiful black jeans yet which I'm wearing up there (from 70 down to 32 euros!!!) and black is basically the only color this jumper works with in my opinion.
I was going for a messy hair look to signify that I'm not ready for school tomorrow. FML.
Here's some other jumpers I think are pretty cool also from the Website. Enjoy!
Pictures taken by T.

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