Sunday, 13 January 2013

13/1 - Winter is all over You

Jeans - Cheap monday ; Jumper - Topman ; Jacket - Urban Outfitters ; Shoes - BillabongStore

Hey everyone! Have to make this blog update quick as I'm heading out to meet a friend soon and I still have to study and blergh.
People have been telling me I look like a hobo in this outfit but I somehow seem to take it as a compliment for a reason I can't even explain. I bought the jacket at Urban Outfitters in the sales and it was such a godlike moment. I was looking for plaid shirts but thinking "Oh no Tobi not more shirts you should get jackets it's cold". I pick up this shirt then and think to myself "oh that's heavy for a shirt" and I see it's a jacket! The deal was sealed when I looked at the price and it went down from 46 Euros to 19.
Yes I realize it seems like I say oh a lot in my thoughts but I'm a very surprised person!
Here's a song I'm obsessed with right now:

Special thanks to T.
for taking the Photos

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  1. Cool combo, I really like the jacket and I would wear it myself... ;)

  2. the other day i was just about to tell you that i rly like your jacket but never did for some reason... well here I go: I really like your jacket;D

  3. so nice!!!